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Document Migration Specialists for Small Law Firms

Starting at $2500


Jackson Wesolowski


We are data and document migration specialists who focus on helping small firms change systems fast.

Our lead migration specialist, Jackson Wesolowski, is a Universal Migrator Bronze Certified Consultant.  This means he has a proven track record of delivering light-speed results for small firms.

Because we use Universal Migrator, we can do same-day data and document migrations for almost any small firm.  Even our largest projects complete in 24 hours or less.

Know What You'll Pay

Just Documents: $2500

Do you already have your documents and you just need someone to import them?

We've got you covered!

First 500,000 Documents:

Additional 1,000 Documents:



Full Service: $3700

If you are a 1-6 employee firm coming from any of the following cloud system, we can move your data and documents with laser precision for a fixed fee today or overnight.

We'll handle the entire process and make onboarding hands-free for your firm.

Action Step

Caret Legal (Zola Suite)

Clio Manage



Firm Central




Practice Panther

Rocket Matter


Do it yourself: $850

Are you a 1-6 employee firm with your documents in any of the following locations?


Drop Box

Google Drive

One Drive

Server Drives (ie. X:\ Drive)

If you are, our DIY tools are so easy your paralegal can self-migrate your documents for you.

Take the Next Steps

If you have any questions or are ready to schedule your migration,

please schedule a free consultation with us.

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